Baba Jukwa’s objectives are mythological

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I spent the last ten days in Harare and we drank over this question – Who is Baba Jukwa? Each Gochi Gochi station seemed to have someone who has all the answers. So many names keep being mentioned as being responsible for the publications. Many of them are senior government of Zanu PF officials. Baba Jukwa has caused a sensation on the streets in Harare and the diaspora community. Many people have so many questions as to what their objectives are . Is it regime change? Factionalism within Zanu PF? Is it a revolution? What is it that Baba Jukwa promises people? Where are they based ? Baba Jukwa whoever, wherever they are , have been publishing some information which until now has been regarded as top secret staff in Zimbabwe. Journalists in Harare are disturbed because they do not know the extent to which Baba Jukwa will go. Some of the information do present lack of depth while others seem a bit real and true.

What do we know this far about this viral publication?

Baba Jukwa’s work

Unconfirmed figures suggest that there are 3 million Facebook accounts in Zimbabwe to date. It is not possible that all are active but Baba Jukwa has opened an active account. This account has been publishing top secrets mostly from within the Zanu PF side of the government. At times the contributors go as far as referring to “my party” (Zanu PF) implying that it is possible that factionalism is corroding the party that much. One will be forgiven to assume that the to be victorious faction aims to wrestle control and power within Zanu PF. Possibly the ultimate power even though journalists agree that Mai Mujuru is heir apparent.

The temptation is to accuse MDC-T as being responsible but even Antonio Katsiru my usually right wing journalist friend believes otherwise. This is the aim of vengeful network whose aim is to maim the characters of the target individuals within Zanu PF. Apart from upsetting the target victims, the publication has initiated debate and offices, churches,bars are buzzing with rumour. The Facebook account has even attracted attention of many foreign journalists who now consider this as source of privy information from within Zanu PF.

Although the streets might have enjoyed the sensationalism and revelations as published via this Facebook account, truth is that Baba Jukwa has attempted to emulate WikiLeaks and Anonymous publications. These have been soliciting for confidential government information globally and publish it . WikiLeaks’ Assange is now exiled in the Ecuadorian embassy in London . Several governments want to prosecute the WikiLeaks founder for many breaches in their laws. Baba Jukwa has to be aware that although the intention is to inform the public and initiate debate, a bucket full of libellous allegations have been published.

WikiLeaks despite foolishly publishing global Diplomatic Cables a few years back, rarely has the world noticed any regime changes or even permanent souring of international diplomatic relations. It then is a myth for Baba Jukwa to hope that Zanu PF will lose a single vote, the target faction to emerge victorious from this nor instil security sector mutiny let alone distant revolution. MDC formations credit to their intellect have resisted the temptation to politically cash in on this criminality.

Governments globally united against Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks to stop any form of funding and the organisation today is an international outlaw. Zimbabwean authorities will freely get cooperation from any government in tracing Baba Jukwa and stop funding including where about of the perpetrators. Voters today are concerned with bread and butter matters not wish wash release of confidential Zanu PF data. How does that help my cousin Chidhindi in getting a job? Nor will my accountant friend Fandafa Tao pay school fees from reading Baba Jukwa cables? Fact is that Baba Jukwa is a lost cause because the objectives are mythical . Baba Jukwa claims that “they are a national spirit of rebellion that has entered the hearts of Zimbabweans”. Such a claim is baseless because Baba Jukwa is not doing a single thing to change the lives of ordinary man.

Baba Jukwa usually signs off articles by proclaiming that  “ Victory is Certain”. One wonders whether  victory means Zanu PF defeat at polls, a faction emerging with power within the party, wide spread exposure or what. To those at the center of policy at Zanu PF, positives are that they get to know what the common servicemen and women are thinking, what the faithfuls want and get chance to rectify these before polls . This is free feedback for them . Although this like public window dressing, it is never too late to mend ways and gunner the next vote. Lets wait and see which victory Baba Jukwa is expecting. Prison terms or retribution from the masses of upset victims .

Security Personnel

Most disturbing to authorities is fact that it seems like current intelligence, police, military and Zanu PF current employees are subscribing through letters and emails to Baba Jukwa.I have been reading from Baba Jukwa’s Facebook account and there is a number of correspondence which appears to have been submitted by ordinary soldiers, CIO and police. They see this portal as an opportunity to express their views. I read with interest a letter from a serving security personnel based at Dzivarasekwa barracks who goes on to reveal that he is one of those tasked with tracking Baba Jukwa.


The texture of content published imply that the Baba Jukwa is a network of writers and contributors .It is evident that most are in Zimbabwe but financing maybe outside the country because contributions are received via a PayPal account. The network appears to have people from many sectors such as Zanu PF , army, police , intelligence, civil service and maybe journalists.The network for security reasons is not updated from servers but hand held devices such as smart phones and tablets . This makes it hard to trace IP addresses hence reason why authorities in Harare have not been able to make any arrests . The length , width and way articles are written justifiably points to such a conclusion. It would possibly take cooperation from mobile phone providers but chances of arrests for now maybe remote.

Zanu (PF)

Talk on the streets has been suggesting that this is factionalism at play . Some names have been mentioned because the account was opened in response to Mai Jukwa who is openly pro Zanu (PF). Baba Jukwa openly has a issue with Mai Jukwa Zanu PF faction. Some revelations by Baba Jukwa point to the contributors being disgruntled Zanu (PF), army , police etc. At times even , there is a sense that contributors do not like Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere, Gideon Gono, General Chiwenga and at times Air Marshall Shiri . It is also evident that Baba Jukwa editing is done by a trained journalist. What is clear though is that they have respect for President Mugabe and Mai Mujuru as so far they have desisted from any revelations regarding the Majesties.

Baba Jukwa is breaking the law

I shall not risk myself by repeating some of the publications which i believe are far from truth but the arm of the law in Zimbabwe cant wait. The editorial policy of Baba Jukwa makes a good effort to correct grammar and sentence construction before publication, The same should happen in as far as verifying facts is concerned. Some of the articles do nothing but hurt the individuals concerned and that is a breach of human rights. Those victims would wish that the law has to address such cruelty. Baba Jukwa has amassed an army of enemies and one wonders where this will end. Publications are breaking privacy, libel and security laws. Zimbabwean laws are being broken by a network driven by mythological objectives. The country deserves respect.

In some Zimbabwean government offices, witch hunt has become inevitable and it is possible that the innocent will be accused of revealing details to Baba Jukwa. In one of the publications Baba Jukwa openly implies betraying a young man in CIO after publishing details of a supposedly confidential conversation. The young man is in custody apparently. I am not sure that the fun , as intended by Baba Jukwa should be allowed this far. Some articles as published have attracted thousands of visits , likes and comments . There is one article which attracted 140,000 likes and comments for example.

What readers and Facebook members have to appreciate is the the trend in the Western world is that courts are laying criminal charges on individuals whose material published on Social Media allegedly breaks laws. So making a comment on Baba Jukwa’s Facebook article, depending on what one implies, could invite some trouble. Ignorance will not be a good defence in court. Even business in the Western world employees will be sacked for breaching Social Media policies. Facebook , Twitter and so on are public gatherings. Anything written there is accessible to millions and as such Baba Jukwa’s friends aught be well advised to watch what they write.


Only notable positive from Baba Jukwa phenomenon is that the buzz on the streets is back and it relieves stress. No one should lose sleep over Baba Jukwa.

My Late Father Would Vote Zanu (PF) Today

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“Kays” as they called him was son to a Gushungo who migrated from Serima and my gogo a Muturikwa whose parents possibly migrated from Mrehwa. He was born in 1945, across the river from Prime Minister’s home. Surprisingly that is as far as their similarities go because had he been alive, he would not vote for MDC-T today. This man who forever will be revered as a hero in my memory was disabled. It was not an inborn disability, but something happened to his right lower leg when he was young. Up to the day he died, he had not been able to discuss with me nor my siblings regards to what really happened. All I know is that it was a fire accident.

Kays believed in the revolutionary movement’s focus on policies that improve lives of the common man. He would always urge Zanu (PF) to go back to roots to emphasise on such policies to lure lost votes. “It will be a walkover on these directionless boys” he argued with me on his deathbed at Parerinyatwa. He belonged to a generation who had wanted to participate in liberation struggle but failed because of various reasons. They mobilised students, recruits, provided clothes and other support. Such a class faced wrath of Smith regime accused of being lifeblood to the comrades and withholding information. These professionals played their part but never clamoured for recognition to date.


After completing Standard 6 (Form 2) he trained as a teacher at Wadilove Mission (Marondera) in 1972 where he met my mother who was from Bumburwi. He stayed in the same profession till his end in 2009. Through correspondence he attained O levels , Grad CE and later BA Hons. As a primary school teacher working in rural areas, he knew that the only way societies can improve is through education. He worked hard through disability to send his children to get descent education. Free education policy of the 1990s produced a Zimbabwe which is rated to have above average literacy world over. Kays although an executive, believed that militants in ZIMTA led to the first teachers’ strike in 1990 and had no care for teachers or students welfare at all. Post 1990 period saw introduction of school fees and cases started appearing of children dropping out or being unable to write exams because of lack of funds. He always felt that IMF demands for government to slash social services bill (ESAP) was a way of West getting even with Mugabe.


The fire accident deformed his right leg such that his toes turned towards the heel to form a round like foot developing into a very thin sheen up the leg. So to speak he stepped on the top of his foot. That leg became shorter. At times he used clutches until Jairos Jiri organised a special shoe for him. From Bata shops, he would buy a pair of size 11 but only use the left one. That special shoe could only be repaired but he could not buy a new one. Courtesy of Mugabe’s health policy, more disadvantaged people like him during years after independence could always be treated for free regardless of medical needs. UK has maintained a similar socialist health policy to date. The number of health clinics opened country wide, more medical professionals training, building of toilets in rural areas, access to clean water all pointed to a caring leader in Mugabe.

The Land Question

Just like many, he was frustrated that the Lancaster House Agreement put land redistribution on hold for 10 years. Worse still after that period, Mugabe was frustrated into being unable to fulfil pre-war time period promises to resettle masses from reserves as apportioned by Land Apportionment Act 1930. When farm invasions started in 2000, all Kays said was “Commercial Farmers’ Union have shot themselves in the foot.” CFU never thought farms could be taken away from them. White farmers believed in the Courts which continued to make decisions against land redistribution. To date land redistribution has continued and although chaotic, people’s lives have been changed.


Zanu (PF) legacy is open to interpretation but Kays would always look beyond negatives. He believed that “honourable” is the best way regard Mugabe. A Politburo Member recently summarized Zanu (PF) legacy to me as “Land, Empowerment, Development creation, Sustained support for farmers and reform to mining sector” .Even after formation of GNU, the revolutionary party pulled indigenization policy which in theory seeks to put control of economy in the hands of locals. The mining sector has also been opened up to allow local ownership. I do not see MDC-T pulling out any of the landmark policies to convince voters. This is the reason why penetration to the rural areas has been sketchy for Harvest House arrogant overrated under-achievers.

Vote Rigging

Kays was appointed acting headmaster closer to his home in 1985 but by then he was already involved in running elections. He would later work as presiding officer in charge of polling centers  Talk of Zanu (PF) vote rigging was doing rounds by 1990 elections. Edgar Tekere gave Mugabe a run for his cash and many expected a surprise. Results later indicated that “Two-Boy” Tekere actually lost dismally. I put it to him then about vote rigging and to the day he died, he maintained the answer he gave me 19 years before. He explained the system to me, how each candidate’s representatives verify boxes before they are sealed and sign to agree authenticity. The same happens when opening the boxes and counting the ballots. He believed that in the system run by Mudede, there is no way any rigging can happen. He reminded me that rigging could affect Mugabe as well and as such the system had to be water tight. I believed him and still can argue that it is possible Zanu (PF) has never rigged elections to this day.

Enemy No1

Landmark policies as he viewed them are a good enough weapon to win any elections. Zanu (PF) is presenting voters to MDCs on a platter, credit to enemy No1 -violence. There is no need for violence because in a “free and fair” conducted poll, Kays in his grave still argues that “Zvimba” can claim the gong. Use of force blinds folds people from looking at facts on the ground. By forcing people not to vote for other parties or for Zanu (PF), proponents of violence will be confessing to a weakness in policy. This frustrated Kays so much because he believed that Mugabe has over the years built a case to uplift generations in Zimbabwe. During 2008 elections people voted for anything other than Zanu (PF).They don’t even know their MPs’ names to date. This hatred is an offspring of violence. Kays was not sure if violence is official policy at Zanu (PF) but believed that strategists may as well accept that as much as countering MDCs, they have to plot against violence. It is a corroding the party from within and only Mugabe can stamp his foot on this. No matter how much people bleed, get houses burnt or bury the dead, days are gone that force will bring in votes.

Die Hard

By mid-2009 aged 64 he had not been admitted to hospital in 50 years but complained of shortness of breath, later turned out to be Pulmonary Embolism. His veins and arteries were developing blood clots caused by a violent form of Pancreatic Cancer. The deformed leg soon developed Gangrene. Six weeks later Vascular Surgeons in Harare recommended amputation of the affected leg but ended up cutting off both legs and the right arm. Gangrene had spread over all those parts. He never woke up from the operating table. 10 days before his death I implied to him that shortages in hospital supplies required for his treatment were as a result of his irresponsible vote for Zanu (PF). Even though knowing that with Stage 4 Cancer, his chances of survival were below 20%, at a moment when walls of his heart were weakening due to excessive use of Morphine, he reassured me that Mugabe had not yet finished the job he started. He refused to condemn the beloved party he regarded as saviour of the masses. He argued that GNU would allow Mugabe to focus on people again.

True to that word, I think Mugabe is back. Just open your eyes to what Kays called “Landmark Policies” and you can witness people’s lives changing.

R.I.P my idol because your institution par excellence may still be in the game.

Zimbabwe GNU: The dysfunctional, functional option

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Zimbabwe GNU: The dysfunctional, functional option

By Kelvin Mupungu

2008 general elections failed to produce a single party majority government under either Zanu (PF) or MDC-T. Result was a period of political and economic paralysis which ended up with Global Political Agreement (GPA). A Government of National Unity (GNU) was set up under the three main political parties. Today the coalition set up is like a child publicly dishonoured by both parents. Interestingly, each parent privately expresses love to this child.

PM Tsvangirai prefers to call it a marriage of convenience which is no longer needed by both Zanu (PF) and MDC. As early as 2011 President Mugabe started claiming that the inclusive set up is not working well. If public rhetoric is to be believed, it appears as if both parties are in this marriage against their will. One gets the impression that both parties cannot wait to get divorce papers signed or that political air in Harare is stench of frustration on either side. They could be frustrated for sure because although coalition governments are the norm in parliamentary democracy, voters do not get a chance to cast for any specific coalition.

To the contrary, both Zanu (PF) and MDC-T actually need GPU set up. The GPU came as a compromise to provide some much needed stability to curtail the historic economic meltdown. I am sure it is a compromise all citizens wish could last longer. This unwanted child has brought much needed harmony in a nation dogged by political violence historically. I do not imply absence of political violence at all now, but point to the ability of yesterday’s enemies to co-exist peacefully. Who would want to go back to pre-2008 political violence, economic downturn and disease scourge?

Is coalition government the best option for Zimbabwe? My argument hopes to say -Yes.

Zanu (PF)

Dumisani Nkomo writing for The Independent on 20 February 2011 in an article ” Zimbabwe: GNU: “The successes and failures” observed that Zanu (PF) wanted three things from this marriage-legitimacy, time to re-organise and removal of sanctions. To be fair to the GNU, the revolutionary party has managed to tick all boxes. The failed 2009 UN Commission for Human Rights Draft Bill intended to express deep concern at the continuing Human Rights violations listed as politically motivated violence, torture, sexual assaults and other infringements. Crucially President Mugabe would be urged to take all necessary measures to ensure that Human Rights were protected and promoted. Curtsey of South Africa, Cuba and China among other countries, the draft bill failed. The message got to President Mugabe though that EU, USA & the rest of the world were now closing in on setting conditions which he was certain to fail leading them to declare him international outlaw. Wise enough, Mbeki’s offer of GNU was a welcome way out. Mugabe lost the election and rather than being asked to leave by UN, the option was to share power with opposition. Surely this was a humiliation he could live with. He actually needs GNU more than MDC formations. GNU has given him breathing space and marginal legitimacy sending UN is off his back for now.


President Mugabe and Zanu (PF) continue to threaten to go it alone. Rugare Gumbo, Zanu (PF) spokesperson speaking to e-News Channel Africa recently, declared that there will be bloodbath shall Tsvangirai win forthcoming polls. All these are echoes of a frustrated fading party still living in the past. Zanu (PF) owes a lot to South Africa because Mugabe is still in State House simply because Mbeki did not trust MDC enough in 2008. South Africa has waived full blown economic sanctions from being applied on Harare. Evidence shows that President Zuma is not at all prepared to allow Harare to descent into anarchy because 2008 crisis flooded refugees in South Africa. SADC has flexed its muscle by publicly telling President Mugabe that he better implement GNU terms and conditions before thinking of elections. Constantly he has been reminded that he does not run government alone anymore. There exist partners called MDC. Last thing he wants now is to lose support of his neighbours so he will never walk away nor walk alone from GNU.

Single Party Majority

On the domestic front, Zanu (PF) still hopes to command single party majority rule again. Problem is that they do not have experience of winning any free and fair poll. The party has failed to modernise because they cannot address succession issues and continue to reward failure as non performing stalwarts are still in regarded ahead of young talent. All polls from 1980 have been marred by political violence as Zanu (PF) has been allowed to pick and choose who observes national elections. National voters’ roll has never passed international standards as President Mugabe has been allowed to pick and choose Electoral Commission and Registrar General. These are matters which the upcoming Charter hopes to address among others. The current Charter invested a billion volts of power in President Mugabe virtually declaring him to be dictator. I don’t blame the person of him at all. It’s the system which he presides on which needs changing. He simply has been exercising executive prerogatives as Charter requires.

Never Again

Zanu (PF) has to be advised that never again in the near to distant future will there be a Zanu (PF) majority government in Zimbabwe. The nation has not forgotten about Gukurahundi, 2008 violence, 2008 economic meltdown and wanton corruption which has dried the nation’s coffers into chefs’ pockets. Zimbabwe does not want a government dominated by MDC-T as it will marginalise people of Mashonaland Central Province who historically vote Zanu (PF) or some parts of Matabeleland who would vote MDC-N. Zanu (PF) government over the past 30 years has punished people of Matabeleland for crimes committed during the liberation struggle.

Gwanda Town Case Study

Ministries allocated to Zanu (PF) have witnessed old tendencies which have wrecked the country for three decades. To note is Ministry of Local Government, Urban and Rural Development headed by Dr Ignatius Chombo which has been used by President Mugabe as an avenging force to get even with urban dwellers for voting against him. Losing the entire urban councils to MDC formations was a vote of no confidence. He is fighting back by grabbing powers from Mayors and councillors countrywide by accusing them of corruption, maladministration, incompetency and fraud thereby suspending them in the process.

Councillor Lionel De Necker, elected Mayor for Gwanda is one of the many mayors or councillors waiting for court judgements challenging suspensions by the minister. Problems in Gwanda are asymptomatic of what local authorities are passing through under the Minister. “The only minister who is 100% critical of his ministry simply because MDC own all the towns” said De Necker, who goes on to say .I really feel sorry for him, waking up one day and your ministry is in the hands of the other party. He has failed to work with MDC and that says a lot about his capacity as a minister”.

Dr Chombo’s problems with Mayor for Gwanda are listed as:

  • In 2011 Gwanda council kicked out Politburo member Abednicho Ncube from 82 Senondo Street , a council house he had occupied illegally
  • Housing Director for Gwanda was assaulted by Zanu (PF) youths but no arrest so far
  • Gwanda resisted Governor Masuku’s moves to occupy the same house
  • Chombo gave directive for the house to be sold to Abednicho Ncube this year despite court order for sale not to go ahead
  • The Mayor refused to appoint Miss Priscilla Nkala as Chamber Secretary.
  • Gwanda mayor took a stance against police for abusing vendors in town
  • The minister is also accused of centralising tender system so as to benefit Zanu (PF) members win all tenders
  • Disregarding town clerk and make decisions without any base

Chombo Abuses Power

Chombo has used excessive powers and this has riled all sides of the power sharing agreement including Mr Paul Mangwana (Zanu (PF) Chivi Central), joint-chairman of the Constitution Select Committee (COPAC) who recently addressing Residents’ Summit organised by Masvingo United Residents and Rate Payers’ Association (MURRA) claimed that Chombo’s interventions in urban councils are anti-progressive and undemocratic. Mangwana pointed that Urban Council Act is outdated and had given Chombo too much power which he is abusing. The Financial Gazette on 26 October 2011 reported that MDC-T legislator Tagwara Matimba (Buhera Central MP) planned to table The Urban Councils Amendment Bill through a Private Members Bill. This was to curtail Chombo’s excessive powers. Former Mutare Mayor Misheck Kagurabadza (now Mutasa South MP) thinks that Cholera would have been avoided in cities where Mayors have been suspended as they would always monitor and report such developments. Judge Justice Patel while delivering a verdict exonerating fired elected councillors implied that Chombo by declaring guilty verdict on the councillors was so grossly irrational in his defiance of logic that no reasonable human being could make such a decision.

MDC Formations

To the contrary, MDC-T has been auditing performance by councils under its leadership and Policy Director Eddie Cross recently remarked that out of the ten councils only Bulawayo, Gokwe and Chinhoyi had clean bills of health. Expelling 12 councillors, the statement pointed that they had been found guilty of abusing power and being corrupt. So does it imply that Chombo cares for rate payers after all? If the minister does care for urban residents, why did he overturn the decision of MDC-T audit which recommended dismissal of the entire councillors accused of corruption? Why did Chombo intervene in Harare’s decision to investigate Phillip Chiyangwa’s activities while acquiring properties in Harare city? Or is he basically a power hungry minister? Readers will be judges but Chombo’s actions resonate on his boss. Those who have worked close to the President confirm that he is a man of great integrity, intellect and greater judgement. Why is he then allowing Chombo to drag his (President) name and office into such disrepute? Is it an official ploy to frustrate MDC formations and residents who voted them? Does the President believe in retribution?

Warming to Power

The two formations have been accused of warming to power. Prime Minister has shown that he can live up to power by reshuffling his cabinet and dropping dead wood. This is something the other parties have failed to do. The Zimbabwe cabinet appears like a country being run by twin governments. Both Zanu (PF) and MDC operate completely different policies. From this coalition MDC-T would have wanted above all to curtail Zanu (PF) excesses for the benefit of the nation. 29 years of one party rule led President Mugabe into thinking of himself as having absolute reign. MDC-T has managed to frustrate President Mugabe into make some fundamental democratic reforms as he has learnt to be accountable to other parties to the agreement.

PM’s side has done marginally well in the ministries they lead. Professor Ncube is pre occupied with fighting for control of his faction and maybe this has clouded his performance in the Trade ministry. As he wrestles Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara for control of MDC, Mugabe continues to snub Ncube. Professor cannot expect support from Tsvangirai since MDC-T believes that Ncube devoid them a chance to defeat Mugabe in 2008 when he sided Makoni. At the same time, Mugabe does not want a strong vitriolic MDN-N.


The MDC formations have a chance to make fundamental changes. One big stain is the Gukurahundi scourge. One wishes that before the end of this government either formations would table a motion to introduce a bill that will oversee a truths commission and compensate those who lost during the period. People of Matabeleland would feel they are not part of the country until these dark events of the dark era are redressed. The same bill would compensate any such citizens who have been wronged by the state including white farmers and all victims of political violence. Gukurahundi scourge remain a stain on the conscience of every Zimbabwean as everyone’s asks “how could this be allowed to happen”. Such are results of one party majority led governments as there are no practical checks and balance factors. Does the nation need one more?


Just like any strategy, success depends on implementation. In Zimbabwe GNU success rests on two men’s commitment to the agreement or it falls to obvious short life and uncertainties of such a precarious existence. Prime Minister Tsvangirai nearly walked out in 2010 while President Mugabe has promised to walk it alone on a million times. There still exist many sticking points to the successful implementation of the coalition strategy as Zanu(PF) continue to frustrate the MDC formations who want to wrestle and grab power inch by inch from President Mugabe. Credit to Tsvangirai, one party system is a thing of the past now as he squares up to President Mugabe who still displays those “executive presidency” tendencies of making unilateral decisions in a power sharing agreement. UK coalition government in 2010 has given the coalition set up 5 years as a time limit. That has removed chances of the government collapsing despite it being shaky.

Coalition Government, the functional option

Data collected across 479 governments in West European states over 60 year period indicate that coalition governments are the norm. The trend has been growing strong in the last 20 years for executive power to share between two or more parties. Currently 17 of the thirty OECD countries are being governed by multi party coalition. In African history, there has been coalition set ups in Algeria, DRC, Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Senegal and now Zimbabwe. Single party majority is a common feature in UK which now has had only two coalitions in the last 24 governments. UK’s first-past-the-post electoral system has been credited with producing manufactured single party majority system. One party majority is legalised dictatorship in my view as it ignores views of the minority.


Coalition agreement is the functional option everybody would like to call dysfunction because it came by chance. No one votes for power sharing governments but parties in Zimbabwe are very committed to the stability of the country. The economy has stabilised but has had less sustained growth. Confidence is still low as lawlessness still persists on the farms. A foreign direct investment is still coming from China only but at least there is a platform for progress. Principals are frustrated but they are still in it. Talk of elections and referendum pose a new challenge but i am sure the nation has leant tough lessons and would not make the mistake of giving majority vote to either of the main parties. Learning from lessons this far, the nation may want to set up a strong apolitical civil service who will run business of the government as politicians scratch each other. This has been the cornerstone to many nations susceptible to coalition set up.

Yes, coalition set up is the best and only option for years to come in Zimbabwe as democracy ages.

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