South Sudan CAA bans flights from Juba to breakaway regions

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Creating Humanitarian Crisis

East African & Indian Ocean Tourism Updates

south sudan
The latest news coming from Juba is that the Civil Aviation Authority has now banned all flights terminating in or coming from the territories which are under control of forces opposed to the regime in Juba. That according to an aviation source at the international airport includes such places as Bor, Malakal, Panyabor, Akobo and other places as the source was unable to obtain a full listing of banned destinations.

The flight ban is reportedly only valid for commercial flights, though it appears quite blanket, leaving open the question of humanitarian relief and evacuation flights operated by the United Nations or neighbouring countries intent to bring their stranded nationals home.

There is some indication that for such humanitarian flights commanders in control on the ground are given advance information to avoid inbound aircraft to be fired upon, especially as rumours persist that the airforce of a neighbouring country had earlier…

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