Bee Venom May be the Cure to HIV

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The Atlas

By Kiara Honma (American School in Japan)

Can bees give us more than honey? Scientists at the Washington University of Medicine in St. Louis have discovered a toxin in bee venom called Melittin which may lead to a preventative topical gel to fight against the HIV virus.

Human immunodeficiency virus, otherwise known as HIV, is the virus which leads to AIDS, a condition in which humans experience progressive failure of the immune system. In 2011, approximately 34 million people were infected with HIV worldwide. Of these, approximately 17.2 million were men, 16.8 million were women and 3.4 million were less than 15 years old. Infection with HIV may occur by the transfer of blood, semen, breast milk, or other bodily fluids. The danger with HIV lies in the fact that many don’t express symptoms until it’s too late. The infected may experience flu-like symptoms within a month or two after…

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